Wednesday, November 21, 2007

This is my first post.

Here I am, world.

I am Maz, and this is my grown up blog.

Wait, my "grown up blog"? I guess that remark makes me sort of ageist. I mean, of course, I suppose that people who are younger than me already have blogs here on Blogger, and are probably already busy writing about very important, intellectual things, such as the new Simple Plan concert, or politics ("Bush sucks!"). To these people I say, "Good for you and your writings! You young people are on the course of leading us, the world, to intellectual victory in the near future!" I, on the other hand, am on the course of leading the future world not down their path of intelligence, but onward down the path of coolness and badassery. I envision a future where everyone is nice to each other, and in which everyone enjoys the finest in clothing, vehicles, dining, and entertainment. I plan to realize this future with my inspirational words, on this very blog.

Okay, not really. Basically, this blog is just a departure from the millions of other blogs I own on various websites (most of which are now defunct and outdated). What I'm planning to do with this baby is to chronicle my growing artistic career, since right now I am on a quest to become an animator (don't ask for which company, because I haven't decided). Also, perhaps from time to time I'll pen a short story or two about my daily awesomeness. I am pretty awesome, hence the title of this blog. I might also rant about various cartoons I've watched... which you could say isn't a very grown up thing for a grown up blog to include, but I'm a future animator, so I have a valid excuse to watch them.

Anyway, if I'm going to be an artist, animator, what have you, I better get cracking on my artwork until I write the next post. Goodbye, world. Go back to reading about My Chemical Romance and looking at your YTMNDs.