Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tidying Up + Work In Progress

I made a few small changes to the blog, like adding a new header and making things more neon blue and mysterious than usual. It's absolutely delightful!... I guess as delightful as, like, about two or three changes to a blog can actually be. Huh.

Right now I'm inking an illustration for a children's story that I wrote. I'll write more about it the next time I post, but I will say that it's about protecting the environment and the devastating effects that it has on a sentient animal world. So far this is Albert, the hipster rabbit who lives to recycle and plant trees and yell at people who are trashing the hell out of Earth. He's not the main character... that guy'll be drawn into the scene soon. I will leave you in extreme suspense!

Back to inking and drinking coffee like a madwoman!

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