Thursday, September 16, 2010

Figure Drawing Week Two + Animation and Processing

My camera died halfway into taking pictures of my newer figure drawings, so for the meantime I'll just document half of the drawings I did. I really like the top and bottom-most figures... both are done in charcoal, and I think I was using an HB graphite stick for the other three. Which. Uh. Yeah. I don't think the material suits me well. I guess from drawing cartoons so much I have a habit of making my outer lines thicker than they should be (something my instructor has called me out on a lot) but... I don't know. I like the charcoal lines a lot.

These are a couple of screenshots from exercises I've done in Processing. We're using that program and Unity in my gaming design class, and it's been about two years since I last programmed anything with it. Yipes. Once I figure out how to put them on the internets, I'll link to the actual programs so anyone who feels adventurous can fiddle around with them.

Faceless, skinless puppet armature boy says hi! Earlier this week I started building the skeleton for the puppet I'll be animating for some stop-motion exercises (and quite possibly for a short film I'll be creating). He's not exactly done yet (meaning I still haven't filled him out completely) but later this weekend I'm going to be animating a few tests with him.

Last but not least, here's a WIP of one of the backgrounds I'm using for my animation. And I say WIP because I might go back and paint some of the bushes and mess around with the foreground later after I animate.

Phew! Wow, that's a lot of stuff. There's more to show, but I suppose this post is filled to the brim with work already. So yeah! Back to drinking gallons of coffee and getting more things done!

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