Friday, October 15, 2010

Forrest Lives! (Also, old storyboards!)

Sorry, folks, my lack of posts has been from a lack of a workable camera to document my work (plus I've been frantically trying to put together stuff for my BFA show), but I figure I should at least put something up in my spare time. If you haven't seen them (i.e., if you aren't subscribed to my Vimeo or friends with me on Facebook) I've been doing tests for my puppet animation class with my totally awesome puppet Forrest. This one is the most recent so far:

[Stop Motion Animation]-[04] from Maz Zolp on Vimeo.

If you want to see the rest, just click here or click the link to the right on the blog.

Also, I thought these would be interesting to post. I took animation history one semester and we had to reboard a scene from What's Opera, Doc?. I found these hidden underneath the billions upon billions of doodles and school papers and thought that they were pretty neat. Knowing what I know now about storyboarding I would have done these a WHOLE lot differently, but I have to tell you... as much as I dislike Chuck Jones, you gotta give the man total props for laying out his shorts. You can see that there's good stuff going on here.

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Jason R. Hanks said...

well, not everyone is perfect. Dislike the man all you want but mark my words..You will NEVER advance having such an attitude towards genius.