Friday, April 30, 2010

3D can be fun!

...but right now it's just a pain to render and create. Don't get me wrong, I'm having fun working in Maya, but man! I didn't really take much thought into why my 3D animation friends were always complaining about render times! Now I know. And I am humbled by it.

This week is crit week at my school, which is basically a long, long week from Hell for everyone to get their work finished for finals. I'm going to be very busy trying to finish the rest of my work, which I will archive on here, even if this week leaves me a horrible, crying mess. I do have more to post, so look for more updates soon!

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Cathie Norris said...

I've only known like one other person who's ever worked with Maya and yeah, they say it's hard. 3D itself is hard, I remember trying to play with the 3D in Photoshop CS4, I got it to work... eventually. :P

I like it though, it's really neat and beautiful, and I LOVE the concept! :D