Monday, April 19, 2010

Doodles and Works In Progress or I Need To Get A Better Scanner and Camera

Ugh, see, one thing that irks me when I try to archive doodles and works in progress is 1) the quality of my crappy camera washing out details, 2) all of the white space I keep in my pictures (which I've got to stop, ergh!) and 3) my scanner being very... microscopic. It picks up the texture of the colored pencil and markers, while when you look at it with in person it's quite smooth looking. Come on, technology! Why do you have to either erase my perfections or perfect things that shouldn't be perfected in the first place?!

Anyway. As you can tell I've been doodling a lot of sea creatures lately. It's my thing these days, I don't know. Maybe it's due to me being Piscean... I have to draw my brethren! I haven't done any cartoon work in a while but I've just been trying out different shading techniques. Nothing super fancy as of late.

More important things for me to archive: printmaking class project, 3D performance updates, storyboarding, and... whatever else I come up with. Which will arrive on this very blog soon!

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