Friday, April 2, 2010

A work in progress and some photos!

So no, no, yeah, no, yeah, I've got some pieces to share!

Here's the first... like I've said before (well, at least mentioned) I'm doing a series of "portraits" starring women and androgynous people wearing strange mask that obscure different parts of their bodies (mostly the heads, but I'm starting to hide specific mutilated limbs and organs that they may or may not have). I branched out into doing these illustrative drawings set in an oceanic area, starring a mask girl and her friend/follower/pet(?) masked octopus. At first it really was supposed to be a one-time sort of thing, but I decided that I should make more and turn the drawings into illustrations while figuring out a story for them: who IS this girl, and why is it that she's masked, able to breathe water, and always running into strange cephalopods all of the time?

The girl and the awesome cool vampire squid are in the picture so far, just not her little octo-buddy. Not sure if I'm gonna color it or what. I inked the last one that I drew, but it turned out to be so busy without any shading added to it (hence the reason I'm shading this one). We'll see what happens.

And here're some Photoshopped photos I had to do for my printing class. I, uh... Photoshopped statues. Onto pictures from Haymarket, VA. If you couldn't tell what I did. You probably can, though. I'm obviously not a master Photoshopper, but I try.

More to come soon! ...with my past for updating this blog, let's hope so, at least.

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Cathie Norris said...

Haha! I love the first photoshopped one and the last with the guy jumping in the background :P And well your drawing... I am so jealous of. You draw awesome :P