Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Painting "Did"

I'm putting the final touches on my last piece for my BFA entitled "Did". It's a sort of artistic representation of (or, uh, just an attempt to represent) dissociative identity disorder and, at the same time, represent multiple identities that everyone accumulates for their every day lives. All of the mask pieces touch this subject in some way or another, and this one just happens to show another danger to not being true to oneself: being bombarded with so many personalities and false representational images that one can't keep track of.

I really love this one, though. I really do. I don't like working large... I really like keeping my drawings very tiny and detailed. When I work big I feel like I loose the ability to make everything tight and crisp and perfect and sometimes end up losing track of the big picture because I'm always catering to the tiny little details in sections. With something like this (this picture is around 11x14, I believe...) I can focus on the whole thing but still be able to work on it in sections and make something that I feel a lot closer to. And... oh, man, I love the texture. It just makes the mood of the picture, it really does.

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